Sometimes we have bad runs. Sometimes we struggle. It’s not always going to be easy. If it was, it would probably have stopped being fun long ago. Funny how that works, huh?

The marathon took a lot out of me. And I have been slow to recover. Some days have been easier than others as I work my way back into shape. But today was not one of them.

The weather was cold. The winds gusty. And my stomach bloaty from too much food at a family get-together the night before. I felt like the fat kid in gym class out there. Chugging along trying to keep up with the fast kids.

Except there were no fast kids. Just me and the not-so-distant memories of my own faster running self.

But November has always been looked upon as my recovery month. It’s been a long year of training and racing. With that in mind, perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

After all, I will get better.

I promise you that.

More importantly, I promise myself that.



  1. November funk 😦
    It’ll pick up!

  2. Recovery is as much mental as it is physical. I thought I would be back in training mode by 1 November but it’s not the case at all.
    After being all huffy at my lack of self discipline, I noticed that I have been dreading “scheduled and structured runs” but loving my unplanned runs. I have decided to make November all about running as and when the mood strikes, for however long I want to, at whatever pace I feel like.
    I will go back to training properly when my brain is ready. 😊

  3. Runners need an offseason. All professional athletes take them. It allows you to rest and heal…physically and mentally. It allows time to work on other things…like flexibility and core strength. It gives us to reconnect with the initial enjoyment of running (run when you want to run) and the chance to crosstrain (or try some new activity). Then, it allows you to come back to the sport refreshed and rejuvenated…and hungry. For us northerners, I feel that winter is our offseason, and I have learned to dislike the spring marathon. My next “serious” event is the Fargo HM in May. Leading up to it, I have some Disney “races”, a midwinter 5k and a 10 miler in March which will be my “clean out the cobwebs” event. In the meantime, I look forward to some weight training, stationary bike and elliptical cross trainer (while catching up on movies), pool time, and rehabbing some nagging injuries.

    Of course, this fall has been too damn nice for me to fully swing into offseason mode. No need to rush it when the sun is out and the pavement dry…

    1. I hear you Raymond. I hear you. And I am giving myself permission to take it easy, or at least easier, this month. I do like coming back in December though. It gives me a leg up on others who are still resting until he new year and it keeps me in shape over the Holidays.

  4. Oh yah, plus alcohol, man. Tis the season to start your morning with an Irish coffee, nurse a sparkling with lunch, sip at port wine or vin chaud with your evening cigar/poetry+jazz/(insert your favourite fall indulgence) and snuggle in bed with an eggnog. (As you can guess, I’m playing catch up for the whole year of deprivation…)

    1. I hear you NT! And I agree. It’s been a long year. But part of me can’t quite let go. So I have that nifty balance of running but not at full tilt and when I do run, I realize just how fatigued/burned out/out of shape I really am.

      As a for instance, I did hill training today with my group. We were supposed to 6 repeats. I did the first 3 and then only made it half way up the hill on each of the last 3 repeats. My mind and body just weren’t having it.

  5. I feel your pain Rod. It has taken me a quite a while to be back to normal. And like you, I am taking it easy for a bit. We will regroup, and 2016 will be a banner year! πŸ™‚

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