Comic Relief

When I run I take short quick steps. I was told it’s better form for speed and that the greater cadence (# of steps per minute) helps to minimize the chance of injury.

While most runners take about 160 steps/minute, we are encouraged to have a minimal cadence of 180. In comparison, this spring I calculated my cadence to be a whopping 216!

In the past I’ve had my steps compared to those of a hyperactive dachshund.

In polite company I’m told that my gait is “unique”.

I’ve seen myself running on video. I move with all the grace and fluidity of a manic Weeble:


But the kicker was bestowed most recently when my gait was likened to that of Fred Flintstone bowling.

So it is that I will never be viewed as a “pretty runner”.

And I’m ok with that.



  1. Just a “pretty damn fast runner”. Boston don’t have style point. Just saying…

  2. razkristi · · Reply

    I think we may need to see some video of you running to really appreciate this 🙂

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