Another MILEstone Crossed


Broke the 3,000 mile mark this morning.

My goal is to break 5,000 kilometres by year’s end. I have less than 164 kilometres to go. That’s an average of under 8 kilometres a day. So far I have averaged over 14 kilometres a day all year to get to this point.

I’m not finished.



  1. Wow that allot of miles – congrats!

    1. Thanks Bill! Not done yet πŸ˜ƒ

  2. shawnasob · · Reply


    1. Thanks Shawn! How’ve you been?

  3. Congratulation!!! That is an amazing accomplishment since I do not think I have even crossed 100 yet πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Nandini! Now if I could only cook like you can! ☺️

  4. That’s crazy! I just hit 1200 and thought I was doing well…

    1. You ARE doing well! I wish I had your time in the marathon πŸ˜ƒ

  5. Great work on 3000+ miles. That’s a huge year. Good luck as you close in on 5000km (or is it 5 Megameters?)

    1. Lol! Thanks Woody. Just trying to get myself in shape in case I get drafted by your ultra relay team one day!

  6. Wow, great job, Rod! Your determination is both humbling and inspiring. What a brilliant year 2015 has been for you. That 5000 is totally within your reach! (Sorry if I’ve been really inactive online lately, lots of things happening on this end and I’ll send you an email update!) Be well! xo

    1. Thanks NT!

      Hope you’re well. Email when you can 😘

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