Monthly Archives: January 2016

An Early Test: Racing A 10K After An 18K Warmup

We had a game plan today. To ready ourselves for our spring marathons my crew entered a local 10k race. We had a game plan today of holding our respective marathon goal paces for the duration of the 10k — after doing an 18k warmup. On tired legs we reached the start line. On even […]

A Promise Remembered

A cozy warmth pervades the local cafĂ© as I sip my morning brew. I gaze languidly out the shop window, a still sleepy smile breeching my muffled reflection. After yesterday’s swirling snows and gusty conditions the city has settled into a relative calm. It’s actually a nice day for a run. But I’m not running […]

Battle Cry

In many regards I would describe myself as a very simple man. I’m quite happy with a quiet existence. I’m an introvert, not an extrovert. A supporting player, not the star. I would even say that in many regards I don’t aspire to more either. At least not in the metric that western society employs […]

In This A Brand New Year

I stared out the window into the swirling snow globe that lay beyond the single pane of glass. As the coffee percolated I silently thanked the earlier version of my own self that was saavy enough to pack my trail shoes, affording me more traction in slick conditions such as these. Overnight, winter had arrived. […]