Monthly Archives: February 2016

What if?

What if today is a portal to another universe? One where you’re happy, healthy, fulfilled, and filthy stinking rich? What if you could travel to this parallel universe today and bring back whatever or whomever you desire and then carry on with these additions to your life as of March 1? What if instead this parallel […]

Spring Is Almost Here

Stepping into the light was not only a literal event when I took to the streets for this morning’s run, it was also a most welcome metaphor. With the days getting noticeably longer, it really is uplifting to at last feel the sun’s rays beating down on me while the city still sleeps. I could […]

A Crucial Breakthrough

My mood was apprehensive at the start of today’s tempo run. After the last couple of weeks of faulty tempos, I really needed a confidence booster. Gazing at the Weather Network’s ticker tape, the forecast was not ideal. It told of plunging temperatures, snowy roads, and black ice. A strong run was far from a […]

My Pre-Race VS Mid-Race Strategies

Pic borrowed from Run Nerds Rock

Trying To Do The Right Thing

Another week. Another Tempo Run that has went wrong. Was it the cold? Was it trying to go too fast too early? Or was it my continued attempt to lose weight? Another week. Another Tempo Run that had me feeling like I had no power. The rest of my running has been fine and has […]

Weighting (Not So) Patiently

The recently tight jeans are showing significant give now. My stride feels generally lighter too. Unfortunately however any would-be augmentation in my running speed has yet to manifest. The truth of the matter is that I have plateaued in recent tempo runs. A heartbreaking realization in terms of marathon prognostication. In the meantime I continue […]