My Pre-Race VS Mid-Race Strategies


Pic borrowed from Run Nerds Rock



  1. razkristi · · Reply

    Why is my plan the same for both road and trail????

    1. Running is like religion. We all have our own truth 🙂

      I believe that it is in our best interest not to question each other’s truths, but rather to support each other in the quest for said truths.


  2. LOL that;s EXACTLY how I feel…. When I did that trail run with my bad back I was saying I’m never going to trail run again.. after the run I was wow that was great except for my back and that next weekend I was back running in the sand thinking “I’m going to die” now I can’t wait to be back on the trails.

    1. Yup. We never learn do we? But then that’s part of the fun 😋

      1. absolutely and set us apart from the rest of society. 🙂

  3. Negative splits. The only negative split I ever got in a race was crawling into medical at the finish line and limping out a few hours later…

    1. My man 👋🏽

      I think the closest I ever got was about a 1 min + split. And that was almost 5 years ago!!!

  4. widhopoenya · · Reply

    my plan is always the same for both, which is “not to die” :p

    1. Lol! Wise. Very wise 👍🏽

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