A Crucial Breakthrough

My mood was apprehensive at the start of today’s tempo run. After the last couple of weeks of faulty tempos, I really needed a confidence booster.

Gazing at the Weather Network’s ticker tape, the forecast was not ideal. It told of plunging temperatures, snowy roads, and black ice. A strong run was far from a guarantee. Plus I would be heading out early to throw in an extra 3 kilometres with the Crew’s top 2 runners.

After a pep talk and strategy session with a trusted running friend, we decided to revamp my approach. I had to run within myself and not race those around me. Not only would that conserve energy for me in the latter stages of the run, but it would quell the mounting pressure I had felt burgeoning in my own mind.

Pacing, never my forté, would again be pivotal.

Training with a fast crew, much like running races, is a fantastic driving force. It not only motivates you, it inspires you to push beyond your comfort zone. But there are limits. Having crumbled in the hills the last few outings, I now know the difference between giving it 110% and wilting and giving it 105% and getting stronger as the run relentlessly plunges on and on and on.

Consequently as today’s session unfolded I found my footsteps growing in confidence and in speed. I was aggressive with my pacing but not recklessly so. I knew I finally had that crucial ray of light shining through the dark clouds.

Today was a good run.


On the subject of my weight loss and running, here’s my assessment:

If my body was a car, I recently traded in for a lighter model with better fuel economy. But I do need to start filling the gas tank . It’s time to start levelling out my weight loss and start eating more.



  1. Sounds like you’re training with a wonderful team, Rod! Keep it up and you’ll soon nail the pacing for hills (which is a LOT harder to get right than on flats for sure)!

    1. Thanks NT! It felt to feel like I was running well again! You know the funny part is I seem to need more help running DOWNHILL effectively. I can’t seem to lean forward properly 🙃 But I think at least I’ll have heaps more fun learning to run downhill than I do running uphill!

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