What if?

What if today is a portal to another universe? One where you’re happy, healthy, fulfilled, and filthy stinking rich?

What if you could travel to this parallel universe today and bring back whatever or whomever you desire and then carry on with these additions to your life as of March 1?

What if instead this parallel universe was not an Eden but instead a repository. A storage locker, if you will, where you could banish anything, or for that matter anyone, from your life for good. Or at least until February 29 comes ’round again.

What would you do? Would you bring something back? How about bringing someone back whom you exiled on a February 29 many years ago?

What if February 29 is a gateway to do-overs and second chances? Would you take the chance to say or do something differently? Right a wrong perhaps? Change majors? Or would you delete a scene from your life altogether?

Or maybe, just maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who are blessed with life the way it is right this very instant. Are you? Would you change nothing?

What if there is no parallel universe? No repository or mystical land of do-overs. Least not in this hypothetical/metaphysical sense we’ve been discussing. But in its place what if there is a chance to change your life in the here and now. Make it better. Make it fuller. Richer. Happier.

And what if today is the day you got started?




  1. shawnasob · · Reply

    Interesting concept Rod! For myself if I had the oportunity to change things or delete scenes I dont think I would. I like to think that everything Ive experienced up until now and beyond has or had something to do with who I am today…including the things we’d rather forget but for better or worse our previous experiences help us grow (or not) the choice is ours. So yes! What if today is the day we Change for the better and let go of hurts or whatever is holding us down. I cant believe Im quoting him but Mike Tyson said “Life is the best deal we ever got and we got it for free.” Yes that Mike Tyson. ☺

    1. Hey Shawn!

      How are you?

      I think you get completely where I’m going with this. We’re always tempted by what ifs. Living in the past. Or in some way shape or form not living in the moment.

      And hey, Mike Tyson. You just never know, huh?

      1. shawnasob · ·

        Doing great Rod! 👍👍

  2. You know what I wish for. Thank you for your love and support. *hugs*

  3. I am happy, healthy, fulfilled and financially secure. No need for virtual reality. Certainly no need for stinking rich. In the future, when health is fading, I will dream of my right now. So many people long for how life was when they were 10 years younger. Ten years from now, I will long for my life today. Life is too short and precious to waste it by longing for the future or living in the past. If there are daemons in your life now that you can change, then strive for those changes. Otherwise, love your “now” since it is the only one you will ever have.

    That said, I would love to have all of my fur-babies back in the prime of their lives…

    1. To not only be happy, healthy, and fulfilled, but to realize it in the moment is a true blessing. So many people struggle with one aspect or another. It’s really great to see in you Raymond 😃

      And I hear you with regard to your fur babies. It’s not been an easy time the last little while and I know how much you and J would love to have them happy healthy and romping around again.

      How fantastic it would be if February 29 was indeed a portal that would allow such wishes to come true 😃

  4. aren’t What-If’s funny? we tend to ask our self this question when something not quite right happens. But it an emotional response so if you don’t have time to mull something over a what if, could be really dangerous. I’m a sum of all my life experiences good and bad, I don’t know that I would want to what if anything. Interesting thought though and using Feb 29 as the portal more so. I did take the opportunity to run on the 29th 🙂 what if I didn’t though; might have regretted not having that extra day of miles at the end of the year.

    1. Thanks Bill!

      And you know what? You’re right on all counts. 😃 If something had worked out “better” earlier in life, what if it led to me missing out on something that truly is better further down the road.

      And as far as running on leap day, again you’re right! What if you end up chasing a mileage goal come year end, what you did in Feb 29 could really make a difference!

      Last year I was obsessive about closing out distances. If I was at 14.9 km’s, I’d hang on for 15 km. What’s the difference? Over the course of 350 days, it’s the difference of 35 km’s!

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