Monthly Archives: March 2016

I Can Run

It’s quiet in the café this morning. A soft rain heralds the dawn of Easter Monday and many are still on holiday. I sit with my legs propped up by the fireplace. Another day off running. Merely for taper this time around. I race next weekend. After foregoing the week to counter the effects of over-training, […]

Midway Through One Week Off: Continued Meanderings & Excerpts From “A Portrait Of The Runner As A Middle-Aged Man”

Today I woke with daylight streaming through my windows. A benefit of not having to work until this afternoon. But a peculiar experience all the same as I would normally have been up hours prior, even if my first appointment was not ’til noon. Awake in darkness. Out in darkness. Running in darkness. This has […]

Rest For The Wicked

It’s an odd sensation for me to take a day off running. But to take a whole week off running is a modern day rendition of the Twilight Zone. The alert went out days ago. It’s something of a phenomenon to witness me walking on a run let alone bailing on a run with 5 […]

Thoughts In The Car Ride To The Finish

Something went wrong today and I’m not sure why. As we clicked past the 20 km mark of a 30 km reconnaissance run of The Around The Bay Road Race course, I started to falter. I had already went through a full bottle of water and 5 energy gels. But I still couldn’t get any […]

The 12k After

Daylight Savings Time has returned in my neck of the woods and with it the return of darkness for my morning training. You can hide a lot in the darkness. Like my slow stride. Like my stilted gait. Today is a recovery run. 12 kilometres nice and easy after yesterday’s 38 kilometres. My first kilometre […]