Rest For The Wicked

It’s an odd sensation for me to take a day off running. But to take a whole week off running is a modern day rendition of the Twilight Zone.

The alert went out days ago. It’s something of a phenomenon to witness me walking on a run let alone bailing on a run with 5 kilometres to go. But the word was out. And with it the pronouncement of being over-trained.

In a perverse way as an athlete you want to find out the episode on Saturday, plus the months of stress and insomnia, were all attributable to something more tangible like iron deficiency or adrenal insufficiency (but of course not really!).

The point is that as an athlete you want to do something to get better.

Unless of course that something to do is to do absolutely nothing.

It’s dark outside. The city streets still bereft of traffic. A cool air prevails as I sit perched at the windowsill of a local Tim Horton’s coffee shop. I am the proud possessor of one of the few remaining Roll Up The Rim cups in the entire metro area. Who knows, maybe I’ll win something. A car. A gift card. Heck I’ll take a free coffee.

But I digress. I wanted to be at speed training this morning. If only to cheer, maybe pace a few hundred metres at a time. I love my sport. And I love my time with my running crew. Yet a call from one of the crew’s leaders, herself a multi-time Ironman who has over-trained on more than one occasion, has convinced me to take the week off and recharge.

Again, I’m not hurt. I’m not sick. And for these facts I am very grateful. I can definitely run. But it’s in my best interests not to for now.

Athletes who over-train are far more vulnerable to injury and illness. To ignore what happened on Saturday, well at least to ignore it anymore than I had already poo-poo’d the other signs and symptoms of over-training these last couple of months, would be akin to playing Russian Roulette with my running season.

Maybe I’ll read a book with this extra time. Something light and whimsical. There’s also that anatomy colouring book I picked up to refresh my memory and to join in this craze of adult colouring.

One week without running.

It’ll be over before I know it.




  1. True. It’s hard to include relaxing in your training plan. We all have to do it occasionally. Enjoy it. 🙂

    1. Thanks Paul!

  2. Ummm…don’t leave us hanging like that! Did you win a coffee or not???

    1. Actually I did! 😃

      1. …and you didn’t share that? Rod, you may be a crazy fast runner, and a hell of a baker (wouldn’t know…still waiting for my cookies), but you blogging skills need some tuning up. With this rest week, you may want to do some prose drills and repeats… 😉

      2. Be careful what you wish for. You may not have to read everything I write but you could still get annoyed at how many notifications from my blog you get in your inbox!!! 😋

  3. Seriously, I think that I partially the victim of overtraining. I pushed the red line and it paid off huge for me in 2014 (PB at almost every distance and an IM finish). I imploded in 2015 with multiple personal worsts (my last 3 marathons were three successive PWs). It battered me down physically and affected my passion for the sport. You know where I am now. I would not change a thing in 2014. I did everything wrong in 2015. It is a fine line we walk (errr…run…). Rest (physical and mental) is as much a part of training as nutrition. Following your blog, I was concerned that this would happen. If this was the worst of it (skipping the last 5k of your last long run before the taper to your first big race) then you were lucky. Hoping the rest will leave you fiercely attacking ATB and hoping to see you get a gold medal on your way to a BQ this fall!

    1. Thanks Raymond!

      You’re right we do navigate a fine line between pushing ourselves and overtraining.

      One thing I take as a benefit of overtraining though is that at least I can honestly say I gave it all I had. No questions. And with that, no matter what I can look back with sheer unadulterated fully justifiable deserved pride.

      Just like you and your epic 2014 👍🏽

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