Here’s To 2017!

The last few months had been tough in regards to my running. Injuries. Illness. And of course burnout. All came to visit. Some staying longer than others. Others gratefully knew when they weren’t welcome. While others I had actually come to regard as akin to the pesky couch-surfing friend who would never leave.

But finally they did leave. Each and every one of them.

I’m healthy now. I think.

In September a running coach gave me the all-clear with respect to my running form and recommended I drop some weight to not only prolong my running health, but to also get faster when the time is right. 20 pounds. 30 if I want to be elite.

I have since dropped 25 pounds.


September 17 (L)        December 23 (R)


At the beginning of December another running coach gave me a plan to help me break a long standing PB in the Half come the spring. Cruelly and shrewdly that plan started last week. In the midst of all the Holiday feasting. A 10 mile race on Boxing Day saw me run faster than I had in a 10 miler in September when I was at the zenith of my previous training cycle.

Things look good.

Things feel good too as I run easy fartleks this morning. I shift gears with ease. My lighter frame responding keenly. 1 minute of intensity. 2 minutes easy. I am like a race car driver — if you charitably ignore that I manoeuvre at a pace that is about 200 km/h slower.

But I am back.

Here’s to 2017!



  1. Marcella · · Reply

    So glad to see you happy and healthy Rod. All the very best to you in this New Year 2017. Marcella

    1. Thanks Marcella. Hope you are well and enjoying a wonderful Holiday season!

      Happy 2017!

  2. That’s quite a change over the last few months. Good to see it. Have a happy 2017, mate.

    1. Hey Paul! Thank you!

      Happy 2017 to you and yours!

  3. Nice to see you back Rod…and to see you blogging again! I have missed your blog and your FB updates. I know that you have a great support group that you train with, but there are others who have followed you, supported you, and have been inspired by you for years. We too are concerned and are happy for updates…for good or I’ll.

    Of course, I should take my own advise as I shut my blog down a few months ago… 😉

    Great so see you back and thriving! Have a great season!

    1. Thanks Raymond.

      And my apologies if my MIA status came off as me ignoring some in favour of others. That was not intended nor was it the case. In reality I just felt I had nothing to say that was of any interest.

      But I now have a desire to write. Which probably goes hand in hand with my desire to train. Running/fitness and creativity all seem to be tied together for me.

      Happy 2017 Raymond. To you, J, and the fur babies 🤗🤗🤗🤗

      1. Thanks! You too! Glad to see you back!

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