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Midway Through One Week Off: Continued Meanderings & Excerpts From “A Portrait Of The Runner As A Middle-Aged Man”

Today I woke with daylight streaming through my windows. A benefit of not having to work until this afternoon. But a peculiar experience all the same as I would normally have been up hours prior, even if my first appointment was not ’til noon. Awake in darkness. Out in darkness. Running in darkness. This has […]

What if?

What if today is a portal to another universe? One where you’re happy, healthy, fulfilled, and filthy stinking rich? What if you could travel to this parallel universe today and bring back whatever or whomever you desire and then carry on with these additions to your life as of March 1? What if instead this parallel […]

A Promise Remembered

A cozy warmth pervades the local café as I sip my morning brew. I gaze languidly out the shop window, a still sleepy smile breeching my muffled reflection. After yesterday’s swirling snows and gusty conditions the city has settled into a relative calm. It’s actually a nice day for a run. But I’m not running […]

The No Fly Zone

In a blur as I opened the balcony door I was ambushed. The merciless intruder shoved aggressively past me and into my hitherto safe haven. My heart raced as I turned to appraise the interloper. He was brawny. Hairy. With menace in his compound eyes. He was a black fly. But not just an ordinary […]

The Privilege Of Pressure

While night time stretches longer and the temperatures become more humane, I feel a rumbling steadily growing within me. In less than 8 weeks time I toe the line once again at The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. For over 3 years now my personal best at this hallowed distance has remained unsurpassed. That is, unsurpassed […]

You Are Invited To A Party

I feel like celebrating. Throwing a party. And you’re all invited. But for now at least this is a pretend party. So no one is actually on the hook to travel. Though that could be part of the fun! You see, I got a notification from WordPress a couple of days ago. It’s been 2 […]

One Summer Morning

As boughs fragrantly-laden Dance high above in the light summer breeze We sit just you and me. Having played mirthfully on swings Kicking heavenward The sun drenching kisses on our smiling upturned faces. Contentedly we now blow bubbles Time standing still For us alone. This sweet moment You with me And me with you.