Today I woke with daylight streaming through my windows. A benefit of not having to work until this afternoon. But a peculiar experience all the same as I would normally have been up hours prior, even if my first appointment was not ’til noon. Awake in darkness. Out in darkness. Running in darkness. This has […]

It’s an odd sensation for me to take a day off running. But to take a whole week off running is a modern day rendition of the Twilight Zone. The alert went out days ago. It’s something of a phenomenon to witness me walking on a run let alone bailing on a run with 5 […]

Something went wrong today and I’m not sure why. As we clicked past the 20 km mark of a 30 km reconnaissance run of The Around The Bay Road Race course, I started to falter. I had already went through a full bottle of water and 5 energy gels. But I still couldn’t get any […]

Daylight Savings Time has returned in my neck of the woods and with it the return of darkness for my morning training. You can hide a lot in the darkness. Like my slow stride. Like my stilted gait. Today is a recovery run. 12 kilometres nice and easy after yesterday’s 38 kilometres. My first kilometre […]

What if today is a portal to another universe?¬†One where you’re happy, healthy, fulfilled, and filthy stinking rich? What if you could travel to this parallel universe today and bring back whatever or whomever you desire and then carry on with these additions to your life as of March 1? What if instead this parallel […]

Stepping into the light was not only a literal event when I took to the streets for this morning’s run, it was also a most welcome metaphor. With the days getting noticeably longer, it really is uplifting to at last feel the sun’s rays beating down on me while the city still sleeps. I could […]

My mood was apprehensive at the start of today’s tempo run. After the last couple of weeks of faulty tempos, I really needed a confidence booster. Gazing at the Weather Network’s ticker tape, the forecast was not ideal. It told of plunging temperatures, snowy roads, and black ice. A strong run was far from a […]