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One Picture. 5,008.99 Kilometres.


Vampires Don’t Age. Neither Do Runners.

As she gazes at the nape of my neck a serene smile crosses over her studious features. “So much grey already.” “It’s about time”, I casually reply. Before adding “I’m old”. Susan has been cutting my hair for years so she rightfully feels at ease in gently chiding me. But before now she has never […]

The Art Of Pacing

There’s an art to pacing. By that I mean that there is no cookie cutter formula that will work for me each and every day at each and every distance. Indeed the very moment that I even begin to think that I have mastered this much needed yet maddeningly elusive component of running, I am […]

Another MILEstone Crossed

Broke the 3,000 mile mark this morning. My goal is to break 5,000 kilometres by year’s end. I have less than 164 kilometres to go. That’s an average of under 8 kilometres a day. So far I have averaged over 14 kilometres a day all year to get to this point. I’m not finished.

Comic Relief

When I run I take short quick steps. I was told it’s better form for speed and that the greater cadence (# of steps per minute) helps to minimize the chance of injury. While most runners take about 160 steps/minute, we are encouraged to have a minimal cadence of 180. In comparison, this spring I […]