Monthly Archives: July 2014

Elements of Bliss: The Runners’ High

There’s a sensation that happens. Always as I near the end of my run. When something takes over. It visits upon me when I am running at my zenith. When I no longer cast glances at my watch wondering how much further? No longer shackled to the desire, the need really… TO STOP. Indeed it […]

Keeping A Rein On Things

But I had to put all of that aside. Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war. I’ve been running well in training. And doing so while pushing my distances and frequency. Currently I’m working on a Hansons-inspired 6 day a week running schedule. A far cry more than the 4 day […]

Old Childhood Friends and Chocolate Chip Cookies

A special friend of mine called me early this morning. I had just gotten home from my run but my exhaustion was quickly overtaken by Arlaine’s larger-than-life boisterousness. It seems a group of childhood friends she hasn’t seen in 40 years is having a reunion tomorrow. A bit last minute I thought but apparently invitations […]

Photo Creative for Eaton Downtown Dash

Better Than Gold

Amid the chaos of announcers and runners crammed in front of the results postings I stood transfixed. My eyes blurring with emotion I wasn’t certain of what I was reading.   As far as summer evenings go, Burlington was boasting sunny but coolish conditions courtesy of the much-maligned polar vortex that had been gripping the […]


Alright, that was a tad over dramatic. But I am gym-less. Because I’ve altered my workouts to capitalize on being outdoors, I reduced my gym workouts to twice a week. And now, like the humble innocent forest creature who left his lair for sustenance, I’ve returned to find that another creature has taken over my […]

The Earl of Lemon Blueberry

It’s summer. Long hazy days of sunshine. The smell of blooming flowers scents the air as cicadas screech their distinctive noises in an effort to beat the soaring heat. Children frolic mirthful in backyard swimming pools and cottage lakes, and lemon blueberry recipes swirl about the internet in droves. From cocktails to cobblers, scones to […]